Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to remain Single in Mass Effect

Earth girls are easy, aliens take commitment. Ask Kirk. But for the Professional Bachelor on the go whose not interested in what the Galaxy is offering the first time around you may not want to do the nasty with a Space Marine (Whose borderline racist), Carth from Kotor or the hot blue alien bisexual. Maybe you want a certain masked mechanic extrateresstrial but the Game refuses. Problem is, you don't wanna be labelled a cheater.

The hippies were wrong, as usual, don't love the one you're with, love the one you want! Here's a guide on how to make sure you don't become a total whore/tool by avoiding the romance options of Mass Effect 1 in preparation for the new game and its newer, and more then likely better/prefered, romances.

I will be doing a video play through of Mass Effect 2 actually. After I get far enough with the Shepard I made first. Tali will have to wait... if I can get her. We'll find out together I guess next week.

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